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THE DJOON EXPERIENCE. Ideally situated in the vibrant Eastern quarter of Paris, the Djoon Club has gained a reputation as one of Paris’ leading clubs. DJ and dancers alike, make a pilgrimage to Djoon. Indeed, some of the biggest names in music have headed to Djoon. However, it’s not just a stopover for superstar DJs. …

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JAZ AND MENDOZA-FANTASY. Any new record company that describes itself as combining the best of the “old school values,” with “new school digital thinking,” has gotten my attention. Not only that, but it’s gotten my respect. All too often, in music, the past is dispensed with way to freely and quickly. It’s discarded like yesterday’s …

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BARA BROST-KOKOLORES. Sometimes, very occasionally, an album comes along, that from the moment it you first play it, you’re hooked, swept away by its charms and delights. This is what happened when I first received Bara Brost’s second album Kokolores, which will be released by BBE Music on 9th July 2012. From the opening bars …

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OM BEACHED. Recently I reviewed Walter Gibbons-Jungle music, a compilation on Strut of some of Walter’s best remixes. In that article, I mentioned how his DJ-ing and remixing influenced a later generation of DJs and house producers, especially deep house producers. So, I thought that having not reviewed a house compilation for a while, I’d …

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