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THE BEST LIVE ALBUMS OF 2015. The final category in my best of series is live albums. For some reason, live albums seem to divide opinion. While some people love live albums, others loathe them. There seems to be no middle ground. Partly that’s down to how an artist approaches a live album. It may be …

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ENCHANTMENT-UTOPIA. Enchantment’s sixth album Utopia, may not have resulted in Enchantment heading off in pursuit of Sir Thomas More’s mythical and idealized island, but it did mark a change in the lives and music of the veteran band. They maybe never knew it when they began recording Utopia, but seventeen years after they were formed …

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SWEAT BAND-SWEAT BAND. After George Clinton and his manager Archie Ivy formed Uncle Jam Records, the nascent label’s first release was the debut album from Bootsy Collins newly formed P-Funk supergroup Sweat Band. Formed out of the ashes of Bootsy’s Rubber Band, Sweat Band was a short-lived P-Funk group, who released just one album in 1980. …

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SKYY-SKYY LINE. By the time Skyy released their fourth album for Salsoul Records, Skyy Line, which was recently rereleased by BBR Records, Salsoul, and indeed music, had changed dramatically. Between 1975 and 1979, Salsoul Records had established a reputation as disco’s premier label. Salsoul Records gained a reputation as an innovative and influential label, who …

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QUAZAR-QUAZAR. Having spent several years aboard George Clinton’s Mothership Connection, as vocalist and guitarist for Funkadelic and Parliament, Glenn Goins started getting restless being just a side-man for George. He watched other members leave the bands, forming their own successful bands. Soon he too, was considering his future, having played important roles on mid-seventies Funkadelic …

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