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JON LUCIEN-PREMONITION. Recently I wrote a review of Jon Lucien’s first album for Columbia, Song For My Lady. This was the first of two albums he recorded for Columbia after leaving RCA, for whom he recorded three album. These three albums I Am Now in 1970, Rashida in 1973 and Mind’s Eye in 1974, were …

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JON LUCIEN-SONG FOR MY LADY. Some time ago, I wrote about two of Jon Lucien’s album that he recorded for RCA in the early seventies Rashida and Mind’s Eye. Both albums were three albums full of some great music, but sadly, they failed commercially.  Although the albums weren’t huge commercial successes, Jon’s music was highly …

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JON LUCIEN-MIND’S EYE. When Jon Lucien released his debut album Mind’s Eye in 1970, his smooth baritone voice immediately drew comparisons with two legendary singers, Nat King Cole and Lou Rawls. Jon was best known for two songs, a cover of Dindi, written by Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim and Rashida, the title track to …

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JON LUCIEN-RASHIDA. Today I thought I would write about an artist who many people will not be aware of, despite the artist receiving two Grammy nominations for the album this article is about. The artist is Jon Lucien, and the album is Rashida, his second album, released on RCA Records in 1973.  Jon Lucien was …

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